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New Year: new ideas

Inspired by Pinterest this year…so many fabulous artists…both past and present to discover here. Beautiful photography, home & craft ideas…and the gardens! Ahh…so good to glance at gorgeous gardens this time of year when the weather is all white. I’ve gained more followers than I could have imagined, and some have even become cyper friends…especially fun t o connect with pinners in other countries….since Pinterest is mainly photos, there’s no language barrier, even when there are instructions, google translation’s been spot on.

I think the thing I’ve been saying to myself, “you gotta do more of” is photography. I don’t ever plan to be a professional, but would love to use only my own photos for subject matter in paintings. It’s funny how I stop and think, “oh…the expense!” and then remember, no…no more film. Yes, I miss film, but not the expense of getting it developed….I was one of those who had gathered rolls and rolls of developed rolls before I ever got around to have them developed. It was fun to see what came back…pictures of the kids or places we’d gone, whose images became fresh again…do you, as I do, often remember long ago events based mainly on the photos you took? I find that a little sad…but then to remember EVERYTHING would be painful too sometimes.  We need the distance from events or people in our lives sometimes to really be able to see them clearly. Yes, time blurs the details, but if the lesson is still there to be learned, I believe it will come back to you…blessings to all!



Christmas Eve, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas EVe 2012…presents all wrapped…kicking back with some scotch and blueberry,pomegrante, blackberry juice…having afun time looking at Pintrest, TJ got my button working (oooo…that sounds kinky…I mean my Pintrest button on this site!

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT!


Great Straight Expectations

Expecting new any minute now of the birth of my latest grandchild, Stephen (Steven?) Straight! My 6th grandchild! Good thoughts and love going out to my children. My son’s getting a wonderful Father’s Day gift!


Gotta Love Spring!

While we had a mild winter here in upstate New York (even Syracuse, which often qualifies as the snowiest city in the lower 48 states had record low snowfall for a change!), and a fairly warm March, April reminded us that cold and frost and wind and snow can still chill the bones. My favorite month, May, is here, in all Her glory! My favorite flower, violets are everywhere, as are the Phlox (or Dame’s Rockets as my friend calls them…heavenly scent!) and lilacs, weigelias , poppies and forget-me-nots. Some people love the tulips and daffodils that come earlier, but I tend to admire the Iris and other May Flowers.  Haven’t seen another favorite, the meadow peas yet…love how the flowers can vary from fuschia to pale pink to purple…and the buds are as intricate and delicate as the most fussiest of orchids. I started a watercolor of a super close up of the buds…will try to complete it to get it up  here. May you all have a wonderful May!



New Pics & New Galleries

Still learning how to manage my galleries…added some paintings! While I’ve done hundreds of portrait paintings over the last 30 years, I didn’t always take photographs of them. And when I did, they weren’t always good photos! Most of the photos I do have are prints, so I’ll have to get them scanned to add more. I’m newly inspired to do more portraits…but would like to do BIGGER, more fantastic fantasy portraits!

If you saw the TV movie “Bag of Bones” ( from one of my favorite Stephen King books…good adaptation), you’d have seen huge (4 ft square) canvases of just women’s faces in deep dark colors…loved those. I did one fantasy portrait of friends for a wedding present…depicted them as a couple of a torrid romance novel cover…it was fun.

Would like to do portraits of clients as sci-fi heroes, kings and queens, mermaids and faeries, sports heroes…there’s no limit to the genre! Who would you want to be in the best of all worlds?

My favorite portrait painter is John Singer Sargent. I was lucky enough to see an exhibit of his work at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts a couple of years ago. I made the trip back to Massachusetts with my mother to see it…I was awestruck by the size of many of his portraits…some of them were 8 feet tall by 4 feet wide. While the size is admirable, the thing I admire (and wish to emulate) most about his work is his stroke work. With just a few strokes of the brush, he was able to make such realistic hands with long fingers and graceful gestures that brought such theatrics and elegance to the compositions. When you see a photo of a painting of his with, for an example, a wineglass, it looks like the real thing, but up close, it’s a couple of brushstrokes of white, red, and blue. Amazing!

Another favorite artist of mine is Maxfield Parrish. While most of his work was in illustration, this artist was a master of the atmospheric essence of a winter’s sunset or a spring morning. I had the opportunity to do a wall mural for a friend and emulated his grecian urns with soft lavender shadows defining their shape and shadings.


My first blog

It’s May, and since I can’t be out in a garden weeding and planting, my itch to create needs an outlet. On the spur of the moment, I decide to do a painting of my parents wedding picture. The photo I’m working from is black and white, with a plain church hall background, so the colors and background of the painting are up to me. Since I’m working in acrylic, painting outfit is manadatory…that stuff does not wash out, and I’m a messy painter. I”ll post a picture when it’s done. For mother’s day, my daughter came up with a great idea…she, my mother and myself are going to the ballet in Ithaca…a dance around the story of Ruth. We’re giving all the guys in our family the day off from attending to Mom’s Day duties. Lot’s of love to all my fellow moms out there!


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  • I love my BEAUTIFUL HONEYPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Presently working on a painting of my parents wedding picture. They look so young! Mom was 18 with a waist to match, and dad was 23 and so handsome in his Air Force uniform.

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